2 Best alternatives to buying a second monitor [Sharpen your Desk Setup]

So i was wondering, what topic would be best to start Sharpen Tech with, & due to the recent events (corona) I've had so many study cases available to me to look at & analyze their needs (people around me (family members & coworkers) that are completely new to working-from-home) I came up with so many topics. But for now, let's start with monitor real-estate :

People new to working-from-home online don't know the difference having a bonus monitor can have on their workspace & productivity. As someone that worked from home & tried everything from content creation (video & written), i can attest that having more monitor real-estate was a huge game-changer for me, letting me unlock the ability to multi-task & do so much in much less time than i used to back when i only had my laptop screen available

If i told you that you probably have a DIY 2nd monitor lying around somewhere at home, would you believe that?

Yes, you read it right, no need to invest in +70$ 2nd monitor to add to your desk setup. Most people i know have that DIY solution have no idea they could use those as bonus monitors for their desk setups. What's that DIY solution you might ask?

You see that tablet (iPad/Android) you have lying around on the couch that you use for few minutes a day at best? Well that is your 2nd monitor! Yes, you can connect those to your PC/Mac using these 2 apps :

SpaceDesk is a free app (and THE best app) to allow you to use anything from old laptops to even (really) PHONES as secondary displays for your main PC.

The app is compatible with Android devices running v4.1+ & Apple devices running iOS v9.3+.

How it works ? Your primary device (PC) + Secondary devices (your tablet, phone, laptop) all have to be connected to one main network (LAN, your home's network!) in order to detect each other (secondary devices being detected as display-only).

If you want to setup & use SpaceDesk, you can find the complete setup instructions & drivers here (user manual).

Sidecar is an Apple-only feature available in :

Much like SpaceDesk, Sidecar is the Apple-exclusive feature that lets you use your iPad tablets as 2nd display for your Macbook/iMac & obviously requires both devices to be connected to iCloud.

I will be updating this list with similar apps after testing is done! Until then don't forget to subscribe to my email list & i'll make sure to notify you !

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