a PS5 integrated in a lounge chair? A Rogue Designer creation

Hey there!

It's me Rogue Designer, back with another gaming inspired product (products? actually). I'm sure that by now some of you probably saw that the furniture I create always has some tech in it, for me furniture that's just there with no additional useful features is just a waste of space, I always wanted to create designs that incorporates tech in interesting & useful ways. & naturally the PS5 Lounge Chair follows the same vision.

After the reveal of the PS5's design, it inspired me to create a whole lot of fun pieces of furniture out of it, started out by making a chair for fun that I named "The Wrap-u-Up Chair", but before showing it, I think showing the actual PS5 is due:

Wrap-U-Up Chair

DualSense Lounge Chair (with PS5 integrated in it)

At the time, we didn't know much about the PS5's accessories & features (especially the new controller), some time has passed now since I made this chair, & as I knew more about the DualSense controller I was like

Wait... If a controller can impact the immersion this much, why not make an entire furniture that would serve that purpose? & better yet, why not have that furniture actually embody the console itself?

There I was, going down a huge brainstorming spiral looking for a shape to this new idea, a furniture that would make it possible to apply haptic feedback on the entire body of the user, & that's when I decided it shall be a lounge chair (thanks to the haptic feedback system powered sectioned cushions that will offer endless haptic feedback possibilities to developers):

Integrated PS5:

But that's not all, at first, I only thought of having accessories incorporated in the design (Dualsense charging dock, the PS5's remote controller + a few secret haptic feedback features ;)) & didn't think of having the lounge chair actually be the PS5 itself. But mid-way through the design process I realized that the whole shape was totally friendly to the possibility of having a PS5 integrated in it so I went back to the drawing board looking for a way to generate enough air-flow in a way that wouldn't affect the user. This is how I set it up:

If you guys like what you saw & want to get updated more frequently & also have a say on the design & feature choices, & most importantly receive the blueprints & other files you can unlock all these perk by supporting me on Patreon! Either way, stay tuned for the next Rogue Design! :)

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