Cyberdesk - A cyberpunk themed desk for your home office/Gaming setup

So a couple months ago I made a desk I called "Plug-in Desk" because it offers a fully customizable user experience to it's owner, kinda like how being a cyborg will allow us to modify our bodies to suit our needs. & since I decided to merge gaming & design, i figured this desk would be THE perfect platform for my first game themed product, & what best game to theme it around than the highly anticipated cyborg game named Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project Red which is coming out on the 19th of November... Oh no wait, I mean 10th of December! Anyway, in the 3rd episode of Night City Wire, CD Project Red has featured custom PC case designs that inspired me to take my own creation as a base & create a Cyberpunk 2077 variant of it. If you're interested to see how it turned out, you're in luck because this blog post is all about it, with side by side pictures comparing the original product & the cyberpunk 2077 version.

Before we tackle the comparison, thought of putting this out there, the state of my office wall, kind of a brainstorming of all the inspirations for the desk.

Concept: CyberDesk

This desk started off from the plug-in desk as a base (built around one chassis & each compartment can be replaced to suit each user's preferences), because in terms of line of work you would agree that an artist's desk would be pretty different compared to say a content creator's desk (If you're interested in seeing those 2, visit the embedded links to take a look at the plug-in desk versions for artists & content creators). Since this desk uses the same base & concept as the plug-in desk, it shares the most important aspect I needed it to have, which is the parts being "hot swappable", letting the user be able to change the parts easily just by buying new "plug-in" parts instead of having to buy a whole new desk. Now to the comparisons & in-depth talk about each.

Having been a big fan of Cyberpunk 2077 since the reveal, I (much like a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 fans out there) spent some time trying to decide which lifepath to choose for my playthrough when the game comes out, & it's only natural that I chose that same lifepath as inspiration for the desk.

I've always wanted this desk to have an "all-in-one" in-desk PC variant, so on the contrary to the plug-in desk (left image) the cyberdesk came out much richer with futuristic details & features such as:

- Built-in PC with custom layout front intake fans setup (Following the Arasaka logo).

- Hot-swappable central work zone & left drawer.

- Hand-scan boot-up device (serving as power button for the cyberdesk & all its features).

- Built-in glass keyboard.

- Intelligent mirror with a Cyberpunk 2077 twist (watch Cyberpunk 2077 — Lifepaths trailer (pause as 1:43).

Without further due, here are the side-by-side shots comparing the original product (Plug-In Desk) to the revised, Cyberpunk 2077 inspired "CyberDesk"

  • 1- Product Overview (Lose the symmetry for an in-desk PC case format)

  • 2- Main work zone (Now featuring hand-scan boot-up device & a cyberpunk inspired retractable mirror)

This is THE cyborg part, as shown in the original Plug-in Desk image, there are different variants each suiting a specific type of user. Designed to give the choice to the buyer to select which "cyborg part" to implement to their cyberdesk (with obviously the possibility to buy multiple parts & change on the fly whenever it suits the user).

  • 3- Back side (Cable management side)

I also have other ideas for Cyberpunk 2077 inspired products in stock (and not necessarily Corpo inspired!) so stick around for those & if you have any proposition for a game you want me to take inspiration from next don't hesitate to drop it in the comments! :D

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