[Design Diary #2] Plug-in Desk - an ORGANIZED workspace for artists [UPDATED]

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Having talked about the main concept of the desk in Design Diary #1, now is the time to go in focus & talk about the first variant of the main desk section (main work zone), which is made for fellow artists!

First things first : What does an artist need in his desk's main workspace? I made a list & tried to include it as integrated features in the desk itself!

  • Reclining drawing table (36 to 55°).

Personally, I never used this kind of table (But hey, not gonna be selfish, this ain't my desk right? haha) well here you go, the whole drawing desk is designed around this feature.

It comes equipped with a drawer that's deep enough (12cm (4.7inch)) to contain a decent amount of drawing equipment storage + it's especially made that small in order to leave enough space in the back for the next feature in the list :

  • Back-lit glass drawing table.

Ever since 1st year in design/drawing school classes, every artist has at least once used the back-lit glass drawing table, but most of us have just been using DIY solutions to that (sticking the 2 papers on a window for example am i right?) well if you still do tracings that way, Plug-in desk got you covered! Once you put back the reclining table in a straight position, you can take off the piece of wood to uncover the back-lit glass table.

  • Sectioned drawer for : pencil & brushes cup (+ other equipment), small type of waste.

You're an artist & wanna get rid of the stereotype "artists workspace is messy af" ? Plug-in desk is for you, coming with a sectioned drawer divided to fit space for a pencil/brush cup (placement depending on user (right/left handed), equipment & a waste pouch to keep your desk surface clean!

  • Trashbag (optional).

In the spirit of full-integration, Plug-in Desk comes with the option to add an integrated trashbag in the compartment under the top piece which is connected to the drawer's waste pouch & to the top work-zone via a waste-grommet positioned right on top of the trash bag's solid base.

The idea behind the trash bag's solid base is to facilitate the process of taking out the trash bag from under the desk & also ease the process of securing it back inside when cleared.

16-06 Updates :

  • New variant: Change of table top material (from wood with 40% of it being a glass table to full glass).

  • Glass top variant unlocks the ability to have a customizable back-lit section size (movable pieces, making the illuminated zone range from 30, 45 to 50cm wide).

Plug-in desk is a continued design supported product, so it won't be limited to the features you see now. In fact, other features are on the works (to fit other needs!) ! Keep in mind that if you guys want to get updated more frequently & also have a say on the design & feature choices, you can unlock that perk by supporting me on Patreon! Either way, stay tuned for Design Diary #3 next :)

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