[Design Diary #3] Plug-in Desk - Streaming & Gaming desk setup

Last week, the focus was on the workspace for artists variant (Which is receiving a few tweaks, coming up next week so stay tuned for that!). Today i wanted to share with you more details on the functionalities of the desk & more importantly what i worked on the past few days => The Streaming & gaming desk.

  • Plug-in Desk for streamers & gamers: Design & Features (equipment placed for reference & scaling)

Having been a content creator & gamer myself for a long time now, I've had a blast working on the streamers/gamers plug-in desk's middle section, with a totally different approach compared to the artist's variant, let's talk about it :

this one is divided in 2 (primary (work zone) & secondary (devices & functions zone). The primary zone comes in 2 variants (Curved & Straight), both available in cloth covered or normal wood piece versions.

Let's start with the feature structure as a whole then focus on the middle part afterwards :

1- Height adjustable (60-75cm):

Adjustable height (60-75cm)

Per request of some of the people that answered my questions about the perfect desk, Plug-in desk will be height adjustable (going from 60cm at lowest to 75cm being the highest)

2- Cable management section:

The whole back-facing area of the desk is dedicated to cable management, with the whole central zone(1) being made to accommodate a multi-plug socket & a vertical platform(2) that can be equipped with cable management channels & clips & is directly connected to the side drawers (if user chooses to equip his drawers with power to charge devices out of sight).

The top piece is entirely clamp-friendly(3)

with a linear grommet(5) for cables with

magnetic closing plug passes(4).

3- Clamp-friendly thick wood piece:

If you look closely, you can see that the whole top piece all around the desk sticks out of the apron containing the drawers, which means that you can clamp equipment anywhere all around without having the clamp prohibit you from (for example) opening the drawers.

4- Primary work-zone's features, shapes & materials:

Shape-wise, the primary work-zone comes curved or straight, both coming either mouse-pad cloth covered or standard wood surface. As said in (3), the whole desk including the primary work-zone offers a platform for clamped equipment such as microphone, headset hanger, lamps, + the desk will also offer the option to have a retractable cup holder that can fit the biggest mugs out there!

5- Secondary work-zone:

The secondary work-zone in a desk is commonly used for secondary stuff such as a tablet or notebooks to only mention a few examples, but for a streamer/gamer, that zone is totally different, with the MUST have features being as represented in the visual above : Mouse bungee (very important -especially for gamers - to ensure uninterrupted & smooth mouse movement) - Phone & other devices stands - Wireless charging station - Streaming Deck (with the most known being the Elgato Streaming Deck.

6- Optional keyboard & mouse tray:

You haven't seen a keyboard tray in the plug-in desk & definitely want one in? We've got you covered, since the desk's concept is "Plug-in", the keyboard tray comes as an optional feature, with the central part of the desk designed to welcome a full-size keyboard tray such as the one you see in the image.

7- Drawers (Standard & sectioned):

Plug-in Desk's drawers will all offer the possibility to equip them with a multi-plug socket stuck to the back of the desk, making it a great spot to put devices out of sight while they are charging. But that's not all, the drawers also will come with multiple cable storage cases available in multiple layouts suiting all needs. And if no layout suits you, you can get the standard drawer & divide it the way you want!

Plug-in desk is a continued design supported product, so it won't be limited to the features you see now. In fact, other features are on the works (to fit other needs)! Keep in mind that if you guys want to get updated more frequently & also have a say on the design & feature choices, & most importantly receive the blueprints & other files you can unlock all these perk by supporting me on Patreon! Either way, stay tuned for Design Diary #4 next! :)

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