[Design Diary #4] Mobile Plug-in Desk - The Digital Nomad's workspace

In the previous Design Diary entry, the focus was on the Streamers & gamers desk variant. Today i wanted to share with you the last Plug-in Desk variant (for now) => The Mobile Plug-in Desk (for digital nomads!). Moving on to a new furniture afterwards! If you guys want to support the creation of this desk & receive exclusive blueprints, you can do so by subscribing on my Patreon page!

  • Plug-in Desk for Digital Nomads : Design & Features

As someone that hates having to re-adapt to a new desk every time i work in a different location (& i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling this way), i tried to come up with a portable version of the Plug-in desk that would look like the main desk & totally fit in into the desk's design once plugged into it. Sharing the same structural aspect as the Streamers & gamers desk variant, which as you know is divided in 2 zones (primary (work zone) & secondary (devices & functions zone) the mobile desk is the primary workspace, which gets disconnected from the rest like shown in the picture. Now, let's speak features in more detail:

1- Clamp-friendly thick wood piece:

The whole top piece sticks out (front & back) of the apron containing the drawers, which means that you can clamp equipment anywhere on the front & back side of the desk without having the clamp stop you from (for example) accessing the drawers.

2- Multi-opening drawers :

As its name suggests, Mobile Plug-in Desk's can be used on the go, which means in some cases you might not be able to open the drawers in a comfortable way, which is why the drawers (at least the right side one) will offer the possibility to open upwards. And that's not all, same as the main desk's drawers, the mobile drawers will also come in multiple layouts suiting all needs. And if no layout suits you, but of course you can get the standard drawer & DIY divide it the way you want!

3- On-the-Go form :

Not to worry, you won't have to transport the desk in full length format, mobile plug-in desk's top piece is divided in 3 & can be folded into a 30x30x35cm format with a handle on the central piece, making it more compact & letting you transport it anywhere conveniently.

Plug-in desk is a continued design supported product, so far 3 variants are officially done & for now not going to be working on more variants, instead, i'm going to be on the look-out for opportunities to make the desk a real product & make it available for purchase to you all! For now, i will start a new project (new home office furniture/product) Keep in mind that if you guys want to be able to propose which furniture/product to design next, get updated more frequently & also have a say on the design & feature choices, & most importantly receive the blueprints & other files you can unlock all these perk by supporting me on Patreon! Either way, stay tuned for the start of the next project! :)

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