Motospeed CK61, for a great entry level experience to 60% Keyboards

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

So as mentioned in couple months ago in Why You should Switch: Mechanical keyboards, i talked about mechanical keyboards, what they are & why they are worth switching to. But first, a little disclaimer.

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I finally received the 60% mechanical keyboard I ordered back when i posted the "Why you should switch" post. Having been using it for the past month (little more than that), I finally was able to make the gear review episode i wanted to make, right here:

Motospeed CK61 Review

Details & features

- Type: 60% Keyboard

- Connector: USB Type-C

- Colors: Black, White

- Materials: ABS double-shot injection molded keycaps, plastic keyboard casing.

- Durability: Water & rustproof

- Switches: Outemu Red or Blue switches / Kailh BOX switches (50 Million keystrokes)

- RGB Presets: 14 (1 being "game mode" which is

completely customizable (but static))

- Software: Yes (offering both lighting controls +

macros setup & buttons reassigning, this software

offers a LOT for a 45$ keyboard)