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Updated: Feb 9

Rogue Designer, the Why, How & What

Hey! My name is... Wait I'm rogue, no name for you! All you gotta know is that I'm an interior/furniture designer equipped with a masters degree in interior/furniture design & 3 years of experience in the field.. But also worth noting, I'm a gamer, having been pretty passionate about both furniture/product design & gaming for a big while, I decided to merge both in a blog & YouTube channel under the name Rogue Designer creating gaming themed furniture/products & documenting the journey through "work-in-progress" blog posts while more in-depth posts along with other interesting perks are available exclusively

for my Patreon supports..

Now to topic, & let's start with the Rogue Design's:


I've been a gamer for as long as I remember, it's only natural that all that gaming shaped my passion towards a creative field for the choice of professional career, & it sure did, I can still remember the day I got my hands on a 3D software, was back in high school, I went on a huge streak modeling & rendering for (I'm not kidding) 3 days straight.. Right out of high-school I got in an interior/furniture design school & my projects much like every gamer's would, were clearly representative of my gamer side (You know what I mean, couple touches like Easter eggs & "meaning" in the projects).

The "Why" behind Rogue Designer is that it's my escape from a "serious design work", making "beautiful" interiors for a living just didn't do it all that much for me, I needed more, I needed to have meaning in my projects & actually be proud showing them to the world.

The How:

By doing what I do best, designing, simple as that.

The What:

Rogue Designer is but not limited to creating furniture mainly for home offices & gaming setups (& sometimes concept furniture) all of which share one purpose, to create setups that represent their user the best way (Hiding your passions isn't a way to live life).

I will also be creating furniture & products themed around current events (& memes of course)

I want to create products that would appeal to like-minded people (Yes, the demographic consisting of gamers (mostly)), products that take inspiration from an impactful story/game & represent it in a furniture/product format that would fit in a gaming themed setup/gamer WFH room, a space the user would love to spend all his time in.

Rogue Gaming

As mentioned above, i have been a gamer for the longest time & dove into it for years now & i'm very enthusiastic about its future ! Little did you know, my very first YouTube channel was 100% gaming (walkthroughs, gaming reviews, etc...), which means I have been (and still am) the type to be super informed about everything related to upcoming games & stuff, so if you're looking to get up to date with gaming news, Rogue Gaming is THE blog section to go to.

That's it for the introduction to Rogue Designer, hope it sounds interesting to you ! If you want to be apart of the journey as a contributor don't hesitate to support me on Patreon !

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