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Updated: Mar 10

Rogue Designer, the Why, How & What

An Interior & furniture designer with a masters degree & 4 years of experience in the field that turned rogue & left all design firms behind to launch my own design services on a unique "subscription" based format... I decided to share my creations as I go via blog content. It's going to be full of value for everyone who wants to rework a space in their home so I'd highly suggest you to subscribe to get notified every time I post a new redesign.

Let me talk about all of it in a "Why - How - What" format:


Because I have been working for design firms left & right for the past 4 years & I still haven't found one that really cares & makes a space for YOU. & that, is why I ended up turning rogue & leaving all those design firms behind to offer services that really are tailored for YOU

The How:

By doing what I do best, designing, simple as that.

The What:

Rogue Designer redesigns interiors that aren't just made for the sake of "looking beautiful", but to truly represent YOU. If you want to register to get your interiors redesigned by me, you can do so by supporting me on Patreon (You will unlock access to a private form, which is a questionnaire tailored to really know what YOU need your space to include and look like).

That's it for the introduction to Rogue Designer, hope it sounds interesting to you ! If you want to be apart of the journey as a contributor don't hesitate to support me on Patreon !

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