[Sharpen Tech] Sharpen Your Setup -a 10-17$ high-end mouse, Sharkoon Shark Force

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The best mouse for the price!

Throughout my years of PC usage, whether it be for working or gaming, this one peripheral being one of - if not the most - impactful in terms of speed, productivity & precision, I've spent a considerable amount on different models (that amount is a secret only I and my PC peripherals store of choice know about, haha).

But hey, today i'm here to talk about the mouse I have been using for the past 3 years (Sharkoon Shark Force) & take this opportunity to talk about the difference a 1$ generic mouse & a 10-17$ mouse have, features that most casual PC users often overlook although those are essential features to have in a mouse.

Important mouse features:

Whether you're looking for a mouse for work, or want to step up your gaming experience, these are the important features to look for:

  • Ergonomic Shape: Most generic mice's goal is "Staying at the lowest possible cost of production" without any thought on the ergonomics & user experience. An ergonomic mouse on the other hand comes in different shapes to ensure every user can be comfortable using it no matter the type of grip he uses.

  • Essential buttons: Generic mice mostly come with only the 2 main buttons & a low quality clickable wheel. while a mouse should at least offer 6 buttons.

  • DPI switch: With better mouse sensor, comes better tracking & the ability to switch the DPI value to better match the type of workspace the user has (digitally & physically)

  • Materials & coating: to ensure better handling & comfort, ergonomic mice are made with better materials & strategically placed coating to give the user comfort through the longest work sessions.

Sharkoon Shark Force

  • Price: 10-17$

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 124x76x40 mm

  • Weight: 120 g

  • Buttons: 6 (2 main + Wheel + Thumb buttons

  • Color variants: Green, White, Black, Gray, Mint, Creme

  • Material : Rubberized surface

  • DPI: 600-1000-1600 (LED indicated levels)

  • Chip/Sensor: Pixart PAN3509DH / Optical

  • Lift-off distance: 5 mm

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10

For only 10-17$, Shark Force has turned out to be a great mouse that is packed with all the must-have features & more importantly a chip sensors that are way over its price range. In order to compare, I've tried other mice ranging from 7 to 17$ like the Hiraliy F300 & i can confidently say that Sharkoon Shark Force is in all aspects more comparable to +27$ mice out there like the Logitech G203 or the Motospeed V70.

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