Why you Should Switch: Ergonomic Chair (Top5 Office Chairs)

Updated: Sep 6

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Today’s Sharpen Recommendations entry’s goal is to get you to steer away from bad "office" chairs (or whatever you're using, because let's face it we all know some of us didn't plan to be working from home & ended up using kitchen stools, dining table chairs or terrace plastic chairs & stuff like that. But guess what friends! it is time we all finally experience real comfort thanks to really well made office chairs, & to save you from the hurdle of having to look around by yourself, i went on a super thorough mission to select a top5 office chairs listing based on these criteria:

  • Ergonomics

  • Comfort

  • Adjustability

  • Materials

  • Price

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair (169$ - Personal favorite):

This modern high back chair features:

- A curvy ergonomic shape designed with one word in mind "ergonomy" with lumbar support & headrest supporting ergonomic postures.

- Comfortable padding & breathable mesh allowing proper airflow, keeping humidity from causing any discomfort throughout work sessions lasting for long hours

- Design wise, this chair takes full advantage of the structural aspect & highlights it with sleek lines & shapes that gives a sturdy feel to the chair.

Hbada Racing Style High Back Chair (164-185$)

With this one, Hbada obviously aimed at a client base consisting of young gamers all the way to young professionals, while offering the same basic functions the previous Hbada chair offers, the racing style one adds to the table:

  • 80cm long backrest design.

  • Height adjustable arms.

  • Metal frame making for a solid structure.

  • High quality PU leather.

  • Thickened thighs support side cushion for long & stable sitting throughout the work session.

  • Multiple reclining modes

The HON ignition 2.0 (278$):

It all began with a spark. An idea that personalized comfort can energize a workforce. The idea caught on HON responded with its version 2.0 of the Ignition chair & the chair quickly became one of their best sellers.

With it very minimalist look, this chair has higher chances of fitting in all home offices & therefore appealing to the masses (hence why its success).

NouHAUS Palette Office Chair (200$):

the NouHAUS Palette is a stylish very functional office chair, & wait for it... Unlike its competitors in this list, It comes in a whopping 5 color variants to choose from (Black, blue, red, green, orange)! Okay okay, in all seriousness this chair checks a lot of positive boxes:

  • Clean sleek white frame

  • Height adjustable armrests

  • Adjustable lumbar support

  • Multi-angle tilt mechanism

  • Class-4 Hydraulic Gaslift system

  • Breathable mesh

Tribesigns T18 High Back Chair (200$)

Tribesigns T18 Ergonomic Office Chair is one of the all-new ergonomic chairs of Tribesigns series, which has a simple, magnificent and stylish appearance design. Equipped with premium adjustable system which consists several parts, including:

  • adjustable headrest height

  • adjustable lumbar support angle

  • armrest height

  • seat cushion height

  • backrest tilt angle & tension

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