[Sharpen Your Space #2] Lockdown Home Office Design

Previously in Sharpen Your Space, i worked on a A Rustic Modern Office & game room) with indications from the owner on multiple aspects of the project. But for this second entry, i decided to change up the approach with a pretty narrow office room submitted by Heinous Bananus, & this time going blind (no questions asked to the owner) just me doing my own research through the owner's profile seeking for hints on what they like so i can come up with a themed home office.

PS: All furniture & equipment used will be listed in this article so if you like any of it, look no further than the provided links!

First things first, let's start by reading the redditor's message & get takeaways such as the features needed & preferred style. Although the message for this one does give away some info, it wasn't as complete as needed so i went on investigating on my own.

The room's Original state:

Here are my thoughts on the original state of the room:

  • The desk was facing the left wall & is (sizewise) quite honestly not fit for a serious work-from-home transition.

  • The wall color is a bit too dull & doesn't let the room feel spacious, nor does it give the vibe of a home office i'd want to work in.

  • A home office is already very much an alone zone. Which is why you should make that TV & chill area your social zone, so that one seating's gotta go right now, to be replaced with literally anything that's not ONE seat.

The Layout

In terms of layout, the original one is good so we'll go from there, with one change being the orientation of the work-zone as indicated in the floor plan on the right.

An FCB themed home office

To apply a twist to Sharpen Your Space, i took liberty of browsing around r/HeinousBananus's profile for indications on what he is passionate about & going through the posts & his existing home office, i think it's safe to say that he's a big FC Barcelona/soccer fan, which is why i decided to use that to apply a theme to this interior. & here are the results:

Products used in this project:

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