The ONE reason I'm sure I'll LOVE Cyberpunk 2077

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Before we talk about Cyberpunk 2077, first, I believe it's important to explain the origin behind why this one feature instantly sells the game for me.

Imagine a game that doesn't hold your hand & put a map with all quests marked for you to brainlessly run through (Looking at you Ubisoft...), a game that has no map checking button & none of the quests are indicated. That for me is the best way a game can let you truly immerse yourself into its world & be excited about exploring all its areas more times than one.. Well, that game is not imaginary, it's none other than Dark Souls (& Bloodborne), these games actually show respect to the players, giving them a well designed world in which they have to use their orientation skills to not get lost while also learn to observe to not miss out on content while draw their own path (& trust me everyone misses out on so much content in these games, so much so that for a lot of people it takes up to new game+10 & more to discover things even in the first areas of these games & that is something I NEVER experienced in other games.

If only other game developers took inspiration from From Software and made no map for their games I swear so many games would've been as good, Just as experiment, lately I tried to play a Ubisoft game lately but without ever checking the map or pinging anything on it & that already made the exploration experience 10 times better please game devs, try & make this a thing if you really respect your player base...

The One reason I'm sure I'll LOVE Cyberpunk 2077

There are so many reasons that made me excited about Cyberpunk 2077 but none of them is as game selling as the one I chose to talk about in this blog post.

I don't know if you guys remember, but some time ago some of the media had the ability to play 16 hours of the game remotely (way before yesterday's reviews), & mentioned the fact that a lot of side quests & events don't show up on the map until you get close to them, and THAT for me is already game selling, & to embrace it fully I will almost NEVER open up the game map, just to immerse myself in a walkthrough the way its meant to be experienced (& I'm sure it's also the way CDPR wants us to play it).

Oh and also... Before I forget, I will be posting various types of Cyberpunk videos including pure exploration (Driving/Walking through Night City) for those of you who want to fully embrace that universe. I'm also gonna be working on a secret project around this game & I hope you guys will enjoy it!

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