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Updated: May 19

Hey there ! Welcome to my blog.

Sharpen Agency's for design

I'm Amine, an interior/furniture design professional equipped with a masters degree in interior/furniture design & 2 years experience in the field, but most importantly a real passion for furniture design. I'm starting my online furniture design blogging venture because i want to be creating things that matter & put my skills at the service of my audience (while offering cool contribution-based perks to those who would choose to support my journey through Patreon). To describe Sharpen Agency's different aspects, i thought of approaching it with the "Why, How, What" approach, so let's get to it !

The Why :

As a freelancer myself, I've been following the evolution of the workplace & seeing how more & more companies are delegating work to remote workers, some of them even publicly stating that hiring freelancers that can work remotely has revealed itself to be a much faster & a more economical option than having employees in the company's offices. To sum up the Why in separate points :

1- most importantly having a home office that's tailored for YOU, i don't know about you guys but i'm a little fed up of seeing "unique desk setups" that all look very much alike since they are all using the same set of elements from IKEA.

2- Knowing how hard it is for new comers to concentrate while working from home, i want to help create a better work-from-home environment.

The How :

Creating furniture mainly for home offices & desk setups (& sometimes concept furniture) all of which share one purpose, to make a change in the way everyone invests in a home office.

The What :

Imagine a piece of furniture that offers a good platform for any home office equipment & that is customizable to answer each person's set of needs. & most importantly update-friendly.

What do i mean by update-friendly ? Simple, i want to create furniture that i like to call "plug-in" meaning that it has one chassis that can accommodate different "plug-in" sections, each section offering different features to the user for a full-on custom experience.

On Sharpen Agency's list of upcoming projects :

- Desk (Work in progress, design process documentary coming soon !)

- Wall shelves

- Storage cabinets & drawers

- Desk lamp

Stay tuned !

Sharpen Tech :

Linked to Sharpen Design, Sharpen Tech is THE place to go for home office/deks setup tech products reviews, recommendations, top10's etc... This section will frequently be updated with the best home office tech out there so keep an eye on Sharpen Tech section !

Sharpen Agency's for eSports

As mentioned in home page, i have been a gamer for the longest time & dove into the eSports world for few years now & i'm very enthusiastic about its future ! Having had my fair share of amateur experiences as esports teams member, i'm now dedicated to helping fellow gamers get a taste of the eSports world & try reaching their wildest competitive gaming dreams.

The Why :

Back when i just got into competitive gaming, i didn't know of the existence of teams open to the normal "average gamer" I've been beforehand or of any way to join teams & experience competitive gaming in its true form. This experience has impacted me in so many ways, i enjoyed the whole process & got so much out of it.

I want to help others get to enjoy this experience & maybe get to reach their competitive professional gamer dream. That is my why.

The How :

During my competitive gaming years, I've filled a special address book & joined many competitive gaming communities that i plan to use to the best of my ability to get motivated gamers noticed by the teams they would fit in & especially follow up with them to reach their ultimate goal.

The What :

Sharpen Agency will act as the eSports agent for the players that support it on Patreon :

  • Tier 1 : Fully managing the careers of each one from their first team to their last (or as long as they are patrons).

  • Tier 2 : If the player chooses the content creation path (streaming, youtube, ...) Sharpen Agency can also help out with that

That's it for the introduction to Sharpen Agency, hope it sounds interesting to you ! If you want to be apart of the journey as a contributor don't hesitate to support me on Patreon !

Now i'm off to work on the first Sharpen Design furniture, keep an eye on Sharpen Diary blog section for the design process documentary !


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